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17 Aug. 19
Smokin Gunz

Smokin Gunz on the Main Stage

Smokin Gunz will perform on the main stage Saturday at 5:00pm. Established in the summer of 1997, in Schaumburg, Illinois a western suburb of Chicago, Smokin Gunz has been playing a mix of Top 40 Country Hits and original songs. The band members, inspired by real life experiences, write all original songs.

Smokin Gunz consists of 4 full-time members:
Artie Specht – Bass guitar
David Nekola – Guitar and vocals
Jim Banke – Lead vocals and guitar
Robert Broz – Drums and vocals

Smokin Gunz shows are full of energy, audience participation and interaction; no two shows are exactly the same. Each band member brings valuable talent and showmanship to the stage, as they all become one with their instruments.

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