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17 Aug. 19
Modern Day Romeos

Modern Day Romeos on the Main Stage

Modern Day Romeos are going to rock the Main Stage Saturday at 8:00pm.

The spring of 2018 marked the 16 year anniversary for the Modern Day Romeos. With over a thousand shows for all these years, every weekend, MDR has remained a top drawing party band.

Put on your partici-pants!! MDR strives to be the most entertaining band you will see. Jim is in the crowd half of the time, separating them and assigning singing parts and leading a "bad dancing" competition, while Justin is showing off his majestic cowbell moves. Even if you attend by yourself, we will make sure that you meet the people next to you and high five and cheers the rest. We don't want you to come see a show, we want you to be a part of it.

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