About the Elburn Lions Club

About the Elburn Lions Club


About Lions International

Since 1917, Lions have served the world’s population through hard work and commitment to make a difference in the lives of people everywhere. With 1.4 million members serving in more than 44,800 clubs in 188 countries and geographical areas, Lions Clubs International is the world’s largest service club organization.

Lions are recognized worldwide for their service to the blind and visually impaired.  This service began when Helen Keller challenged the Lions to become her “knights of the blind in the crusade against darkness” during the association’s 1925 international convention.  Lions are also involved in a variety of other activities to improve their communities and help people in need, such as assisting the hearing impaired, and working with diabetes awareness and education, environmental projects and youth programs.

For more information, visit the Lions International web site at www.lionsclubs.org

The History of Elburn Lions Club

The Elburn Lions Club was chartered by Lions Clubs International on September 14, 1929. The initial club had fifteen members and was sponsored by the Lions Club of New Lenox.  The motto of Lions Clubs International is “We Serve” and the Elburn Lions Club has excelled in this endeavor by serving many families in need in our local community, around the nation and even internationally.

Today the Elburn Lions Club maintains a membership of approximately two hundred members and a 25 acre park with a club house, playground, baseball and softball fields, and open pavilion.  Our park is located in the heart of the village of Elburn and is used by our community throughout the year for community functions. On any given weekend you can smell the Elburn Lions famous pork chops and chicken cooking at the park as we host company picnics, wedding receptions, class reunions, and many other events throughout the year.

Our biggest annual event of the year, Elburn Days, is celebrated on the third weekend in August starting with a ‘Main Street’ parade on Friday evening and also a carnival and entertainment throughout the weekend.  This widely attended event is a favorite in the area and is a chance for the community, past and present, to reconnect to their Elburn and Kaneland area roots.

You can always find the members of the Elburn Lions Club working hard to help others, living up to our club motto “We Serve.”

Club Presidents – Past and Present

2016-2017 Maranda Schenk
2015-2016 Kevin Poust
2014-15 Bob Thomas
2013-14 Dave Broz
2012-13 Pam Hall
2011-12 Keith Wilkison
2010-11 Uwe R Rotter

2009-2010 Daniel M Hannemann
2008-09 Timothy G Klomhaus
2007-08 Cheryl A Lee
2006-07 Joseph G Kryszak
2005-06 Louis F Gholson
2004-05 Doris M Klomhaus
2003-04 Kyle P McKittrick
2002-03 Phillip T Albano
2001-02 Charles L Liss II
2000-01 Chris Halsey

1999-2000 Mark E Byerhof
1998-99 Lester T Lee
1997-98 Thomas C Whitney
1996-97 Dennis L Schenk
1995-96 Jeffrey N Green
1994-95 Allen C Swan
1993-94 William J McCartney
1992-93 Lawrence Wilkison
1991-92 G Michael Stoffa
1990-91 Francis Jamison

1989-1990 Thomas E Bridge
1988-89 Nicholas K Carter
1987-88 Frank J Jeffrey
1986-87 Gordon L Siebert
1985-86 Ronald J Carlson
1984-85 Ronald E Henne
1983-84 Thomas A Kuebelbeck
1982-83 James E Michels
1981-82 David S Stewart
1980-81 Lester F Schedin

1979-1980 Merton Scott
1978-79 Dennis L Hawks
1977-78 Martin Drendel
1976-77 Ed Leuer
1975-76 James Gillett
1974-75 Donald F Hanson
1973-74 David A Rissman
1972-73 Virgil G Stonecipher
1971-72 Don R Henderson
1970-71 Michael G Tierney

1969-1970 William R Callaghan
1968-69 Dean D Miller
1967-68 Dean Harms
1966-67 Robert J Ream
1965-66 Robert J Larsen
1964-65 Ben Wennlund
1963-64 Harvey J Tierney
1962-63 Leon O Mack
1961-62 Almer T Gliddon
1960-61 Marvin Johnson

1959-1960 Raymond Harter
1958-59 Lawrence Johnson
1957-58 Leonard Anderson
1956-57 Charles Keslinger
1955-56 Francis Allegretti
1954-55 Joseph Radovich
1953-54 Lee Reeves
1952-53 George S Peters
1951-52 Paul W Gee
1950-51 George C Dobson

1949-1950 Alfred Anderson
1948-49 Evar Erickson
1947-48 Frank Yarnel
1946-47 AJ Brook
1945-46 Fred Johansen
1944-45 Howard J Hall
1943-44 Clarence F Iverson
1942-43 Walter Damon
1941-42 Glenn C Warne
1940-41 Cyrus F Lippe

1939-1940 Fred A Goetz
1938-39 CM Smith
1937-38 GR Johnson
1936-37 GR Johnson
1935-36 GR Johnson
1934-35 GR Johnson
1933-34 GR Johnson
1932-33 GR Johnson
1931-32 BA Kendall
1930-31 LE Westlake

1929-1930 Fred W Benton